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Business Retirement Plan Advisory Services

Helping Your Organization Pursue a Better Retirement Future

If you’re like most employers, you have many demanding challenges competing for your attention each and every day. You are undoubtedly aware that offering an employee benefit like a 401k plan or other qualified retirement plan is absolutely essential for retaining top talent in today’s workforce. As a retirement plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary duty to guide your employees toward making decisions that will afford them greater financial freedom in retirement. That responsibility is nuanced and challenging in an ever-evolving landscape of legislation and regulations. Your need for competent, objective retirement plan advice—from an advisor you can trust—has never been more important.

Client Centered

Matthew Daniels and his team at Summit Financial Group offers plan sponsors a wide range of services to make any qualified retirement plan run smoothly and effectively for a reasonable price. 

New Plan Start-Ups:

Costs can seem daunting, stopping some small businesses from considering installing a retirement plan; but you might be surprised! Recent legislation has enacted dollar for dollar tax credits that can potentially recoup most of the expenses for the first three years on a newly implemented plan. We will assess your individual business needs and plan goals and shop around for the best plan and type. We will also assist in plan design and feature selections within the plan. As an independent advisory firm, we are not beholden to any particular platform or provider, instead only committed to finding the best fit for your business at the best level of service and price. Once the plan is established, we will continue to provide excellent service as we would with any existing plan.

Existing Plans Not Currently Using Our Services:

Traditional thinking holds that existing plans should have a fiduciary review at least every three years, but we believe plans should be monitored much more frequently. Since the advent of Covid, we’ve heard numerous reports of decreased advisory support and participant education and a concurrent overall rise in fees. Plan sponsors and participants deserve better.

Our complimentary fiduciary review process for existing plans is quick and easy. We schedule about 15-20 minutes to meet face to face, gather some documents from your existing providers, listen to your concerns and return two weeks later with a detailed report. Sometimes we find the existing plan is functioning in a cost effective, efficient manner with no need for corrections. Other times we will have specific recommendations about liability red flags, costs or potential problems that need to be addressed. Either way, you will have a report to keep on file as proof of fiduciary due diligence which will have cost you nothing.

Why 401(k) Sponsors Need A Fiduciary Review

Our Retirement Plan Services

Once you have engaged Summit Financial Group, Matthew Daniels will be your trusted partner in coordinating all aspects of the plan. You can expect the following list of services, which is non-exhaustive and can be explained in more detail during a personal consultation.

  • Quarterly group participant education consultation and financial wellness presentations.
  • One on one guidance for individual employees. 
  • Hosting employee enrollment drives. 
  • Terminated and retired participant counseling.
  • Monitoring Third Party Administrator and Recordkeeping services.
  • Meeting with investment committees and consulting on plan design updates to make sure the plan is meeting goals and potential testing roadblocks.
  • Regular investment fund benchmarking for both performance and expense ratio costs.
  • Monitoring the latest legislation and regulations.
  • Annual fiduciary review.
  • Updating and keeping a fiduciary file for plan sponsors to access.
  • Always offering flexible availability to promptly and efficiently meet sponsor needs. 

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